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A rebounding economy is good news for everyone, except for those trying to fill essential roles in their organization. As the economy grows and the employment rate rises, the very best candidates have more options than ever. Businesses that used to have their choice of the best candidates, now need to return to the often neglected “selling” aspects of recruiting. This is an excellent time to review all aspects of the recruiting process to ensure that they will continue to be effective in this new environment.

In many cases, past practices will not produce the same impact as they did in softer market. Companies that have not adopted a data-driven selling approach to their recruiting process may need to make some adjustments. By collecting and processing data about the position, including the critical qualities of a potential hire, other companies recruiting for similar roles, and the pool of professionals already working in a comparable position, businesses can make smarter and more effective recruiting and hiring decisions.

As the search for top-quality candidates gets more competitive, it may be time to get some expert help. Many organizations consider bringing in search experts when it comes to top management positions. However, in the changing and volatile market, it may be time to consider working with experienced professionals to fill expert roles deeper in the organization. Experienced search professionals can do more than fill a position. They can help create an overall workforce planning strategy that will lead to better staffing and fewer surprises. No matter the conditions of the job market, you can be sure that you are getting the very best candidates for every position.

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